Why you should read books

Why you should love reading
Why you should love reading

I really love reading books. Lock me up in a room full of books and you will have to pull me out, I won’t ask you to open it. Books are my best friend and companion. So, here are the reasons which made me fall in love with books.

Reason #1: Sometimes, it is good that someone does the talking

I am an introvert. At times, it is very difficult for me to say something or anything at all. Introverts will understand. Books become a perfect partner at such times. You feel like you are having a great conversation without contributing anything other than your time.

Reason #2: It’s a different world altogether

At times, I feel really frustrated at times with the real world. I can’t tolerate it anymore at such times. In those times, I find immense solace in a new world. When my friends are busy gossiping and having the idle talk, I have great conversations with Genghis Khan, Akbar, and Alexander.
Totally, high-level company !! We discuss military strategy together and decide which country to conquer next. Sometimes, they present me with Mongolian and Greek cuisines and sometimes they narrate their tales of valor to me, I listen with pure hero-worship in my eyes.

Reason #3: It’s not all mental and spiritual

Books are great physically too. I love the beautiful cover page, I like to feel that light treasure in my hands and best of all, the ethereal smell of fresh pages, that pleasure is beyond anything.

Reason #4: Writers are great people too

When I read a book, I read all that the writer has to say. The author’s note and acknowledgments are good too. I get to know the writer very well and most of the time, once I pick up a writer, I read many of his/her creations. Once you understand the writer’s thinking and then read multiple books from the same writer, you reach a different level of realization.

Reason #5: Mental ability

A good reader has a high level of concentration. They are so much comfortable with reading that reading is as natural as breathing to them. To read and grasp, they don’t need to give any effort, it happens naturally. And this new level of concentration and mental ability proves a great asset in real life.

One last thing:

Last but not least, it is a great feeling to fall asleep while reading. You don’t even know when you fell asleep and even in your dreams, you will reside in the world of the novel, a completely ecstatic feeling.

Abhinav Ashish

Studied at Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology. I am a keen observer, focused learner and I put my heart and soul in whatever I do !!My slogan : Past is past, future is bright and present is fight.

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