About me
About me

I am Anil Kumar stay in the capital of India. I did my B.Tech. in computer science. Currently working in an MNC in Bangalore.

During 2008 the internet was not easily available but till 2008 computer science and IT branches were popular among the student. But in 2008 recession came and there is a sudden dip in admission in these braches after 2008 and everyone moving to core branches like Electronics & Communication, Mechanical, Civil. But I stick with computer science even I don’t know the ABCD of computer science.

I love to learn new things in this field. I started my career as a game developer using the coco2dx framework using c++ then move to Android and IOS native app development now currently working as a web developer.

In this journey, I also try to learn DevOps, Machine Learning, AWS, and many more things. Still, I try to learn every new thing whatever I can try.

Learn Till you are alive. Life is nothing without learning

Anil Kumar

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Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay