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The mongoimport tool imports content from an Extended JSON, CSV, or TSV export created by mongoexport, or potentially, another third-party export tool.

Starting with MongoDB 4.4, mongoimport is now released separately from the MongoDB Server and uses its own versioning, with an initial version of 100.0.0. Previously, mongoimport was released alongside the MongoDB Server and used matching versioning.

If you are using mongoDB 4.4+ then mongoimport tool need to download separately.

You can download mongoimport tool from here.

MongoDB Database Tools for mongoimport
MongoDB Database Tools

The MongoDB Database Tools are a collection of command-line utilities for working with a MongoDB deployment. These tools release independently from the MongoDB Server schedule enabling you to receive more frequent updates and leverage new features as soon as they are available. See the MongoDB Database Tools documentation for more information.

MongoDB Database Tools

If you are downloading for Windows then you have two options to download 1. msi 2. zip. If you are using .msi then you can install it.

MongoDB Database Tools
MongoDB Database Tools

If you are downloading a .zip file then you can unzip in MongoDB bin folder or you can create separate Tool folder parallel to the server

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