Monthly Archive: December 2019

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What happens when a domain expires?

If registrants do not renew their domains, the domain expires. Learn about what happens to expired domains and when it becomes possible to buy expired … Domain life cycle: available, active, grace, redemption and deletion periods. Domain passes through different stages from available to deletion

Ashoka the Great 0

Is Ashoka the greater emperor?

Historical sources on the net claim that Genghis Khan was the most powerful emperor of all time, but looking at figures, King Ashoka had an army thrice as big as him. Is Ashoka the greater emperor? Let try to understand at my point of view.

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Vscode Command Line Interface Tips & Tricks

Visual Studio Code has a powerful command-line interface built-in that lets you control how you launch the editor. You can open files, install extensions, change the display language, and output diagnostics through command-line options (switches).

Vscode Editor productivity tips n tricks 0

Vscode Tips and Tricks to improve productivity

This vscode tips n tricks series will cover various key board shortcuts and useful plugins. These tips and tricks help you to use vscode better way and increase your coding speed and productivity.